Edo University Iyamho thugs attack
Adams Oshiomhole

Anyone that finds himself in a quicksand and continues in a hopeless struggle is only digging his grave deeper. It is so unfortunate that this is the situation of political decline the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Adams Oshiomhole is descending into. The Edo people and in fact the Nigerian polity have not recovered from the shock of the disgraceful scenes that were witnessed last week allegedly at the behest of Oshiomhole, when he invited highly notable dignitaries at the convocation ceremony of the Edo University, Iyamho to his home and caused organized thugs to put them in harms way.

It was political thuggery taken too far. It was shameful and despicable. It was an assault and insult of eminent persons of our traditional, political and commercial structures; a rape of our collective sensibilities. You do not invite even a common man in conviviality to celebrate with you in your home and orchestrate an attempt on his life, not to mention leaders and men of worth in the society. That is most treacherous.

War veterans will tell you that if you lose the battle, do not lose the war. When you go against the government, you will lose the battle. When you go against the wishes of the people, you will surely lose the war. Oshiomhole has walked himself into a quicksand by picking a fight against the governor of Edo State Mr. Godwin Obaseki, who enjoys overwhelming support from the Edo people. As dogged a fighter as Oshiomhole is, he will lose both this battle and this war.

From his antecedent as chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), to his crumbling of the structures of godfatherism in Edo State, no one can question the combative acumen of the erstwhile comrade governor. But there are two types of fighters; a soldier and a tout.

A soldier is a trained fighter and knows that as soon as the war is over, he should sheath his sword. Contrarily, a tout does not know when to stop fighting. After taking up arms in war to fight in the interest of the people, the tout will turn on the same people by time the struggle is over. He cannot read the signs of the times and know that in life there will be times of war and times of peace. The language you speak in both times are different.

Oshiomhole was handpicked by President Buhari to chair the ruling party at a point where his peculiar combative skills were needed. Credit to him, he delivered and was able to earn his party victory over their political rivals. But that war is over. The time to fight is over; now is the time to consolidate. In consolidation, you cannot be fanning the embers of war and chaos at the same time. That is how you know Oshiomhole is no different from a common tout. The only language he understands is touting and thuggery. That is what has elevated him to being a major player in the Nigerian political space. It will be close to an impossibility for him to change at this level and cultivate more polished tricks of the trade.

We have not witnessed the end of this dance of shame because the character of the person in question is very dogged. Except by some miracle he is able to finally decipher the signs of the times and that he is swimming against a very powerful tide, Oshiomhole will continue dancing in a quicksand till he loses every iota of credibility and becomes a deadbeat Lilliputian figure in the Nigerian political sphere.

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