“Buhari knows”: ‘Suspended’ Nigerian Twitter reacts to Buhari’s Arise TV interview

Following President Muhammadu Buhari’s interview with Arise TV, Nigerian Twitter came to the conclusion that he is aware of what goes on in the country.

Some critics are of the belief that the president is unaware of the country’s situation, stating that there are cabals giving orders while the president lays back.

But the president’s response to questions asked during the Thursday interview has convinced Nigerians on Twitter that the president is fully aware of the challenges facing the country.

But many who commented on Thursday morning said the president “didn’t just care”.

One such instance Nigerians on Twitter mentioned was when the interviewee asked Buhari about the suspension of Twitter in the country. He laughed it off and said he doesn’t want to talk about it.

This, however, confirmed a report by American news publication Daily beast that it was Buhari who ordered the suspension of Twitter in the country because he was “angry” that Facebook also joined the latter to take down his controversial post on insecurity.

The American news publication said “anger” is the word used by those close to the president in describing how he felt on Friday when his aides informed him that Facebook had followed Twitter by deleting a post he made on both platforms.

Aside from this, the president was also asked about the October #EndSARS protests and his response was that the protests were aimed at ousting him from office.

Other responses of the president to the questions asked made Nigerian Twitter users reach the conclusion that the president is aware but “he just didn’t care.”

Here are some reactions.










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